myPlaymat PURE

myPlaymat PURE ‐ the original ‐ impresses with its uniquely pleasant surface, with which the play mat clearly stands out from similar products. Nevertheless, the surface is very robust, so that myPlaymat PURE is suitable for intensive use, be it at home by adults or in day‐care centers.

Choosing a comfortable, high‐quality play mat such as myPlaymat PURE is very important, because the play mat will be used for years, even at a time when strollers, high chairs and car safety seats have become unnecessary. myPlaymat PURE always surprises with a uniquely pleasant and robust surface, has a padding of 12 or 15 mm and is non‐slip. The play mat is waterproof, which means that the upholstery cannot absorb moisture. The surface can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and some soap, or with a disinfectant. This way the play mats remain hygienic and clean. Thanks to the tough surface, the play mat can temporarily also be used outdoors and then easily cleaned in the shower. All play mats have two printed designs and can be used on both sides. The motifs intentionally show different colors and objects, so that the mat can also be used interactively for learning. Some of the motifs are supplemented with numbers or the alphabet, so that myPlaymat PURE can be used over a long period of time. Playing on a relaxed environment facilitates bonding between children and adults.

Like all of our items, myPlaymat PURE is tested and certified. Although the tests apply a detection limit far below the requirements according to European Norm EN71, no harmful ingredients have been detected.


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