What is the difference?

You will be able to choose from three different types of play mats:

  • Our toughest mat is myPlaymat PURE made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • myPlaymat Light made from polyethylene (PE)
  • myPlaymat QUAD made from polyethylene (PE) with a new concept - thanks to the 4 elements also with a fun component

All products are made non-toxic to the highest standard and are compliant with the Korean consumer law, which is more rigorous then the European Norm EN71.

Polyethylene is not as durable as polyvinyl chloride. So myPlaymat Light has a shorter life expectancy. This is reflected in the price and myPlaymat Light items are available at a lower price. We recommend using myPlaymat Light for private indoor areas only. myPlaymat and myPlaymat QUAD are also suitable for intensive use by adults and can also be used in nurseries, kindergartens and clinics. myPlaymat en PVC sont également appropriés pour être utilisés pour des leçons de natation et à l'extérieur.


myPlaymat Light:

myPlaymat QUAD: