Safety & health

The cushioned play mat has several functions:

  • preventing injuries or painful happenings on stone, ceramic and parquet floors. Due to the lack of balance and control this is especially true for infants up to 24 months of age.
  • isolation against cold floors and therefore protecting against colds. Amazingly this is especially during the summer the case when floor heatings are off and children are wearing light clothing. The difference between body temperature and floor temperature is then significant.
  • it offers children and adults* a comfortable base to spend time and have fun. Everyone is always comfortable propped on knees and elbows. Parents soon appreciate these characteristics to dress children or change nappies on the mat to take advantage of the comfortable padding for themselves.

*) Please also consult the the product information with the package. For the frequent use by adults, we exclusively recommend myPlaymat articles which have a tougher and more robust surface then myPlaymat Light.